Meet Leonie...

Leonie is the founder of Psychology for Success; she is a BPS Chartered Psychologist and a HCPC Registered Counselling and Occupational Psychologist. She has extensive experience working with clients in organisations to diagnose them with dyslexia, as well as supporting them with coping strategies.  Furthermore, she has a portfolio of working with clients through private therapy, as well as taking referrals from rehabilitation and insurance companies.

At Psychology for Success, we believe in “Honesty”.  We truly aim to help you and we will always consider the best solution to improve your business circumstances and we will balance these with other variables such as time and cost.  

From experience of working within the industry, Leonie felt  “Quality” to be important and we ensure that we offer solutions that meet the needs of clients rather than thinking that one size fits all.   

Our approach means that we are always willing to be  “Realistic when focusing on what we can offer you, ensuring that we constantly give you advice through the process.  Very importantly, we take pride in being “Master Communicators” and we always remain honest regarding what can be delivered, endeavouring to ensure that there are no surprises. along the way.

We are also staunch believers in “Equality” and we ensure this is promoted in all the work we produce.  We work hard to make sure we deliver solutions that do not discriminate against any groups and go through detailed analysis to confirm this.