The coach at our practice will guide you and support you through all the steps of the training which include: assessments and pre-training control tests, the necessary software for five weeks of intensive training, access to our online monitoring system, post-training assessments and tests, and 100 extra, shorter training sessions to be done at your discretion.

The best way to understand and review the cost of investing in Cogmed training is to compare it to spending the money on traditional tutoring or remediation, a summer camp, a psychological assessment, or neuropsychological evaluation. You could also compare Cogmed training to hiring a personal trainer to achieve physical fitness – except you are training for cognitive fitness.

Cogmed is an investment in preparing yourself or your child for learning and for success.

To make an informed decision, contact the Cogmed Practice of your choice and discuss with them in detail whether or not your particular cognitive profile, situation, and expectation is right for the investment in Cogmed training.

Please contact us to discuss pricing in more detail