Covid-19 for Guidance

Covid-19 Guidance for Psychology Professionals During the Pandemic

The BPS has endorsed this guidance along with eight other professional bodies, which says that the redeployment of psychological professionals during the pandemic should not be premature. In addition to this, they say that it must be managed in a way that minimises disruption to psychological therapy and any treatment that is already in progress.

If redeployment is necessary, the skills of psychological professionals should be taken into account and potentially into areas such as providing psychological support to NHS staff.

These key conclusions are in the statement for psychological professionals, which sets out the standard that BPS are working to during the pandemic.

The statement has been endorsed by BPS along with eight other organisations representing the psychological workforce and the National Psychological Professions Workforce Group.

It is essential that services continue in order to provide life-saving treatment, and the guidance includes the principles behind maintaining and managing redeployment if it is necessary.

The guidance covers the following five areas:

  • Keeping psychological services and psychological therapies open throughout the crisis
  • Maintaining psychological professions training programmes
  • Remote delivery of psychological professions training programmes
  • Remote delivery of psychological therapies and interventions
  • Maintaining a psychological approach to prevention, care and treatment
  • Supporting the wellbeing of NHS organisations, teams and staff

If you would like to read the guidance in full, you can find it here.

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