Expert Witness

We provide expert psychology reports for legal proceedings and tribunals.  

We have an extensive register of clinical, forensic, educational, counselling and educational associate psychologists accustomed to working within the legal framework. They have a wealth of experience within health, social care and the private sector, allowing them to give expert advice on legal cases and specialist assessments. This allows them to complete psychological assessments fit for purpose, following appropriate guidelines within legal proceedings and their specialities.  

We have a range of clinical, forensic, educational and occupational psychologists.  We complete psychological assessments within family and criminal law proceedings and directly to courts, local authorities, panels and tribunals. 

In order to answer each instruction and provide evidence based recommendations, our psychologists triangulate the results of psychometric testing, the documentation received and information from the clinical / psychological interview. 

  • We aim to match your requirements in 24 hours 
  • All psychologists work at legal aid rates as required.  
Education & Dyslexia Therapy

Keeping things simple

At Psychology For Success we understand that finding the very best expert witness for your client or case can sometimes be a challenge. 

To help keep things simple, we’ve put together some information to help inform and guide you through the process to match you with the best associates. 

Our psychologists assess adults, children and families and are able to provide expertise on the following issues and conditions: 

  • Capacity 
  • Cognitive functioning 
  • Behavioural difficulties 
  • Personality disorder 
  • Abuse educational needs 
  • Forensic risk 
  • Neglect 
  • Autism 
  • Mental health 
  • Learning difficulties 
  • Attachment 
  • Parenting 
  • Motivation to change 
  • Relationships 
  • Domestic Abuse 
  • Family dynamics 
  • Eating disorders 
  • Substance misuse 
  • Ability to protect 
  • Learning difficulties 
  • Trauma 
  • Sexual abuse 
  • Re-offending 
  • Various mental health conditions 

Expert Witness Resources

We understand the sensitivities of working in family cases.  For this reason, we ensure to offer direct access to the right expert you need for your case efficiently, backed up with invaluable support and advice from our dedicated office team.  

We ensure psychologists have the right skills and experience to support with your cases, ensuring that they collaborate with you along the way.  

We are committed to providing you with the best quality psychologists and service and can also supply professionals to meet specific cultural, language or geographical requirements.  We ensure we take an honest approach to working with you and meeting your needs.  

We know how important it is to provide the right psychological expert to be able to meet the needs of clients on criminal cases.  We take the stress out of trying to find an expert by ensuring the quickest turnaround to meet your requirements, our experts are professional, sensitive, knowledgeable, culturally aware and even multi-lingual. 

They can provide you with reports pertaining to: 

  • Assessment of forensic risk in young people and adults 
  • Risk assessment and treatment reports for parole board hearings 
  • Assessments of mental capacity and witness testimony 
  • Mental capacity and Fitness to Plead 
  • Re-offending risk Assessments 
  • IQ and cognitive functioning 
  • Mental health, personality and general psychological assessments 
  • Suggestibility and false confessions 
  • Witness Reliability 
  • Criminal responsibility
  • Pre-sentencing reports 
  • Sex offender risk assessments 
  • Risk of future violence assessments 
  • Prison parole hearing assessments 
  • Community assessments 
  • Assessments of Indeterminate Prisoners for Public Protection (IPP) 
  • We work at legal aid rates
  • Reports within 3-5 weeks 

We understand the quick turnaround required with dealing with medico-legal reports and are able to provide experienced psychologists who understand personal injury caused by road traffic accidents, industrial accidents, employment and clinical negligence.  

Our experts can provide: 

  • Assessments of the psychological impact of injury or negligence 
  • Assessments of children and adults of all ages 
  • Low-cost online assessments where possible 
  • National network of assessment clinics local to your clients 
  • Psychological treatment for PTSD both face-to-face and online 
  • Fixed / Variable Fee Reporting depending on the complexity of the case 
  • Clear, concise and fast reports in as little as 2 weeks. 


Our experts have substantial experience of not only working with people from diverse backgrounds, cultures and religion, but also individuals who have experienced severe deprivation and trauma. Some are even multi-lingual.   

We can ensure that we provide for you: 

  • Psychological assessments of adults, children and unaccompanied children 
  • Assessments of non-English speakers 
  • Victims of torture 
  • Cognitive assessments of mental capacity 
  • Diagnosis of mental health conditions and personality 
  • Structured assessments of trauma and PTSD 
  • Assessment of sexual exploitation or assault 
  • Risk of domestic abuse or violence 
  • Understanding the psychological impact of deportation 


Returning back to work after a physical injury or a mental health problem can be a challenging time.  Success in returning to work takes more than just thinking about the individual but how they work with the whole organisation.  We can ensure that we support you in implementing a comprehensive strategy for each employee that is fit for purpose.  We can provide: 

Return to work 

  • Fitness to work assessments 
  • Return to work assessments for workers and their managers 
  • Effective recommendations outlining the return to work plan 


Employment tribunals 

  • Independent psychological reports for employment tribunals 
  • Expert witness reports to the courts 
  • Clear diagnostic assessments with intervention recommendations 
  • Assessments in cases of alleged discrimination including racial, disability, sexual or ability-based 
  • Bullying and harassment impact assessments 


Occupational Health 

Productivity at work is not just about your employees’ physical wellbeing, but also their mental health.  We can offer cost effective intervention for individual employees or bespoke packages for all your employees. 

We can provide: 

  • Short-term effective individual interventions for stress, depression, substance misuse or other mental health difficulties through our network of psychologists. 
  • Consultation to organisations experiencing high levels of organisational stress, absenteeism or to improve work efficacy and productivity 
  • Strategies to increase support, reduce under-utilisation of skills and feelings of participation and control. 
  • Training to help your organisation understand psychology ate work such as the causes of stress, absenteeism or mental health difficulties.  
  • Providing general and tailor-made strategies to help organisations manage absenteeism 
  • Supporting organisations through therapeutic wellbeing sessions dependent on your employees needs. 
  • We can tailor-make learning and development to meet your organisation’s requirements. 


Organisational Development 

Our psychology experts have extensive experience working in both private and public sector organisations, assisting them with understanding their employees and organisation. Better. They can provide: 

  • Designing change programs 
  • Designing, delivering and developing wellbeing programs to your organisations needs 
  • Undertaking organisational health checks and reviews 

We take pride in being able to support small, medium and larger sized businesses with their occupational psychology requirements.