Assessment Reports

Assessment Report Services

We understand the need for a concise report which identifies the client’s symptoms, goals, treatment plan and prognosis although of course, we are also able to provide full medico-legal reports if required.

Our psychologists are all highly experienced in assessing and treating clients following an accident and home visits can be arranged if the client has reduced mobility.

They will review any relevant documentation, conduct a client interview and then submit a report with any treatment recommendations, normally within 1-2 weeks of the assessment date.

Psychology For Success

Our psychologists provide a comprehensive report that includes:

Review of relevant documentation & case history

  • Symptomatology
  • Functional analysis
  • Clients goals
  • Risk assessment
  • Recommended treatment plan

We are able to provide both medico-legal reports for court purposes as well as more simple, treatment focused reports.  The latter are more often requested by Case Management companies and Insurers as they are more condensed and focus on symptoms and treatment recommendations.

All reports are quality checked by one of our resident psychologists.

Please contact us for a detailed quotation including a breakdown of costs, confirmed timescales and CVs.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, get in touch as we can arrange bespoke packages tailored to you and your needs.