Education & Dyslexia​

Education & Dyslexia

Educational Assessments

We work closely with educational institutions and organisations providing experienced, psychologists to carry out comprehensive and cost-effective educational assessments. Our psychologists are registered with the Health & Care Professions Council and/or Chartered with the British Psychological Society and are governed by their ethical and professional codes of conduct. They are independent and are able to offer impartial Educational assessments, advice and support including but not limited to:

  • Educational assessment of specific learning difficulties including dyslexia, dyspraxia and developmental co-ordination disorder (DCD)
  • Educational reports in relation to access arrangements and special consideration
  • Assessment of Asperger’s, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity * Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • Assessment of behavioural and emotional difficulties
  • Educational reports related to adaptive functioning
  • Educational assessments of language and communication
  • Cognitive assessments covering the learning of adults and children
  • Advice and support on workplace development and reasonable adjustments
  • Educational assessments to support disabled students
  • Allowance applications (DSA)

Our psychologists can provide direct and/or indirect educational assessments in schools, colleges, workplace environments and at home. An educational assessment might include observation, psychometric testing and consultation with significant adults or professionals. A detailed and fully explained educational report, including conclusions and recommendations for ongoing support, will normally follow within two weeks unless otherwise agreed.

Whatever your requirement, through the proficiency and skill of our educational psychologists, we aim to provide clarity, understanding and guidance.

Support Training

To help employees manage their difficulties, We deliver support training in order to create tailored interventions which can be used to help improve their skills, such as reading, writing and memory.

We provide advice and support training in the following areas:

  • Reading
  • Writing & typing
  • Spelling
  • Memory
  • Organisation & prioritisation
  • Note taking
  • Speaking
  • Time management
  • Listening & concentrating
  • E-mails
  • Working environment
  • Career goals
  • Confidence
  • Non verbal communication


Our support training is aimed at unlocking the potential of employees with a specific learning difficulty or neurological condition. Our support training enables employees to build the confidence and skills to achieve their potential, despite their difficulties. It is about looking forward and achieving goals!

Educational & LEAs

Our educational psychologists offer a variety of services to schools & local authorities which complement the work staff are already doing. We work with nurseries, schools, colleges, universities and independent specialist schools providing comprehensive and cost effective educational psychology services. All of our educational psychologists are registered with their appropriate governing bodies and offer a flexible service tailored to your needs.

We are often asked to provide educational psychologists and educational assessments for areas including:

  • Educational assessments & reports including specific learning difficulties
  • Educational psychology assistance with the statementing process
  • Educational psychology consultations and support with parents
  • Educational psychology training and information for staff
  • Psychological assessments of children and adolescents with developmental, behavioural and emotional difficulties
  • Psychological assessments of children and adolescents with attachment difficulties
  • Behavioural intervention & training
  • Facilitation of difficult meetings between staff and parents
  • Staff development and training including managing difficult behaviour, raising attainment and individual education plans

Our aim is to develop a strong relationship between the educational psychologist, teachers, parents and pupils so that services are delivered seamlessly based on mutual trust and co-operation. Educational psychology services can be commissioned on either an ad hoc basis or, if your school needs regular input, through flexible contractual arrangements which can start from as little as one day per month.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, get in touch as we can arrange bespoke packages tailored to you and your needs.